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New York to ban flavored e-cigarettes after illnesses, deaths

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Sunday announced a ban on all flavored e-cigarettes besides tobacco and menthol in response to a recent nationwide spate of sometimes deadly lung illnesses that U.S. health officials have linked to vaping.

Posted on 15 September 2019 | 4:45 pm

Japan culls 753 hogs to contain swine fever outbreak

Japanese officials have culled 753 pigs in Saitama Prefecture north of Tokyo after detecting an outbreak of swine fever, the Yomiuri newspaper said on Sunday.

Posted on 14 September 2019 | 11:26 pm

Five confirmed cholera deaths in Sudan since August 28

There have been five confirmed deaths from cholera in Sudan's Blue Nile state since Aug. 28, the health ministry said in a statement.

Posted on 14 September 2019 | 3:44 am

Explainer: One possible culprit in vaping lung illnesses - 'Dank Vapes'

As U.S health officials scramble to identify the root cause of hundreds of severe lung illnesses tied to vaping, one possible culprit identified so far is a line of illicit marijuana vape products sold under the brand names "Dank Vapes" and "Chronic Carts."

Posted on 13 September 2019 | 6:13 pm

Virtual reality helps kids getting X-rays

(Reuters Health) - A virtual reality program with cartoon characters may reduce children's fear before imaging procedures, a South Korean study suggests.

Posted on 13 September 2019 | 5:31 pm

First peanut allergy therapy gets backing from U.S. regulators' expert advisers

A U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory panel on Friday recommended approving the first therapy for peanut allergies, which affect over 1.6 million children in the United States, despite raising concerns about the risk of severe allergic reactions it poses to young patients.

Posted on 13 September 2019 | 5:28 pm

U.S and European regulators reviewing safety of heartburn drugs like Zantac

U.S. and European drug regulators said on Friday they are reviewing the safety of the widely taken heartburn drug ranitidine, commonly known by the brand name Zantac, after they found traces of a probable cancer-causing impurity in some versions of the medicine.

Posted on 13 September 2019 | 4:41 pm

PTSD linked to increased risk of ovarian cancer

(Reuters Health) - Women who exhibit many classic symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may be much more likely to develop ovarian cancer than their counterparts who don't, a new study suggests.

Posted on 13 September 2019 | 3:35 pm

More evidence links dog ownership to better heart health

(Reuters Health) - No one can say if it's the walks or the unconditional love, but there's something about owning a dog that goes hand in hand with better heart health, suggests a study in eastern Europe.

Posted on 13 September 2019 | 2:45 pm

Exclusive: While battling opioid crisis, U.S. government weighed using fentanyl for executions

The U.S. Department of Justice examined using fentanyl in lethal injections as it prepared last year to resume executing condemned prisoners, a then untested use of the powerful, addictive opioid that has helped fuel a national crisis of overdose deaths.

Posted on 13 September 2019 | 1:30 pm