Correction: Pain Gap story

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a story Oct. 12 about the worldwide gap in pain relief medication, The Associated Press misspelled the last name of a Stanford University psychiatry professor. His name is Keith Humphreys, not Humpreys.

Posted on 16 October 2017 | 11:56 am

Collins: Trump should back effort to resume health subsidy

WASHINGTON (AP) — A key moderate Republican is urging President Donald Trump to support a bipartisan Senate effort to reinstate insurer payments, calling his move to halt the subsidies an immediate threat to millions of Americans who could now face rising premiums and lost health care coverage.

Posted on 15 October 2017 | 11:41 pm

Doctor's research could buy time for snake bite victims

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — A researcher at the University of Arizona is experimenting with a new therapy to help treat rattlesnake bites.

Posted on 15 October 2017 | 2:31 pm

California declares emergency to fight hepatitis A outbreak

SAN DIEGO (AP) — California Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday declared a state of emergency to combat a hepatitis A outbreak that has claimed 18 lives in San Diego.

Posted on 13 October 2017 | 4:53 pm

US obesity problem is not budging, new data shows

NEW YORK (AP) — America's weight problem isn't getting any better, according to new government research.

Posted on 13 October 2017 | 3:48 am