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Trump rebuffs Kavanaugh impeachment calls after new sexual misconduct report

U.S. President Donald Trump rejected Democrats' calls for impeaching Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on Sunday after a new report involving sexual misconduct allegations, encouraging Kavanaugh to sue for libel and suggesting the Justice Department could "rescue" him.

Posted on 15 September 2019 | 7:57 pm

Top Democrats tell Trump gun bill must include universal background checks

Top Democrats in Congress told Republican President Donald Trump on Sunday that any gun control legislation that falls short of universal background checks for gun sales “will not get the job done."

Posted on 15 September 2019 | 4:46 pm

Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google emails demanded in U.S. House panel probe

A U.S. House of Representatives panel on Friday demanded internal emails, detailed financial information and other company records from top executives of Amazon.com Inc., Facebook Inc, Apple Inc, and Alphabet Inc's Google, widening the antitrust probe of Big Tech.

Posted on 13 September 2019 | 9:18 pm

Apple's app store eyed in U.S. Congress antitrust probe

The U.S. House Judiciary Committee on Friday requested information from Apple Inc Chief Executive Tim Cook as part of an investigation of competition in digital markets.

Posted on 13 September 2019 | 9:18 pm

Senator Harris takes aim at Trump antitrust probe of automakers over emissions

U.S. Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris on Friday asked a government watchdog to look into the Trump administration's decision to launch an antitrust probe into four automakers cooperating with California on tighter greenhouse gas emissions limits that Trump is trying to eliminate.

Posted on 13 September 2019 | 9:13 pm

McCabe lawyer presses Justice Department to drop criminal case

A lawyer for former FBI official Andrew McCabe pressed U.S. prosecutors on Friday to drop their politically sensitive case against him, citing reports that suggest they may be having trouble securing criminal charges.

Posted on 13 September 2019 | 9:12 pm

O'Rourke's 'hell yes' vow to take away rifles worries U.S. lawmakers pushing for gun limits

Former U.S. Representative Beto O'Rourke did not hesitate during Thursday night's Democratic presidential debate when asked whether he would confiscate assault-style weapons from Americans.

Posted on 13 September 2019 | 8:51 pm

Biden, fellow Democrats back on campaign trail after third presidential debate

Former Vice President Joe Biden returned to the campaign trail on Friday after a Democratic debate that largely reinforced his front-runner status for the party's presidential nomination, leaving his rivals searching for how to wrest away the top spot.

Posted on 13 September 2019 | 6:36 pm

U.S. appeals court says Trump cannot dodge foreign corruption lawsuit

A U.S. federal appeals court on Friday revived a lawsuit alleging President Donald Trump violated the U.S. Constitution by profiting from foreign and domestic officials who patronized his hotels and restaurants, moving a watchdog group closer to obtaining financial records from his real estate company.

Posted on 13 September 2019 | 2:53 pm

Former Trump national security adviser Bolton resumes political activities

Former White House national security adviser John Bolton, who parted ways this week with President Donald Trump, resumed his old job on Friday as head of two political action committees and announced $50,000 in contributions to Republican candidates.

Posted on 13 September 2019 | 12:49 pm

Biden maintains grip on 2020 Democratic race after third debate

Those expecting Joe Biden's presidential candidacy to flame out any day now will have to keep waiting.

Posted on 13 September 2019 | 12:26 pm

Biden attacks Warren, Sanders over cost of healthcare plans in Democratic debate

Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden clashed with progressive challengers Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders on healthcare in a debate on Thursday, defending Obamacare and pushing them to be honest about the cost of their plans.

Posted on 13 September 2019 | 6:25 am

Democrats in presidential debate hint at no swift end to China tariffs

Democratic presidential hopefuls criticized President Donald Trump's trade war with China but gave no hint they would work toward a quick resolution if elected, pledging during their debate on Thursday to hold Beijing accountable for "corrupt" practices.

Posted on 13 September 2019 | 3:56 am

Some Democrats snipe, others unite in third presidential debate

Some of the 10 Democratic presidential candidates meeting in their third debate on Thursday took shots at front-runner Joe Biden, while others called for unity during a night dominated by questions around race, guns and healthcare.

Posted on 13 September 2019 | 1:41 am

Democratic debate highlights: Healthcare, gun control and party unity take center stage

Former Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders – the leading contenders for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination – wasted no time in Thursday's debate sparring over how to best expand healthcare coverage for Americans.

Posted on 13 September 2019 | 12:13 am