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Pompeo to Britain: Look again at Huawei 5G decision

The United States on Wednesday urged Britain to rethink its decision to allow China's Huawei a role in 5G networks, cautioning that American information would only be allowed to pass across trusted networks.

Posted on 29 January 2020 | 10:20 am

UK's Huawei decision will not affect intelligence-sharing: PM's spokesman

Britain's decision to allow China's Huawei to have a role in its 5G networks does not affect the country's ability to securely share intelligence data, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's spokesman said on Wednesday.

Posted on 29 January 2020 | 10:19 am

Apple's iPhone strength is back and analysts say it is here to stay

Wall Street analysts were smitten by a rebound in sales of Apple Inc's iPhones after a year of decline. So much, in fact, that they looked past a weaker-than-expected rise in services revenue, the company's growth driver.

Posted on 29 January 2020 | 9:56 am

EU deals another blow to U.S., allowing members to decide on Huawei's 5G role

The EU followed Britain's example on Wednesday, allowing members to decide what part China's Huawei Technologies [HWT.UL] can play in its 5G telecoms networks and resisting pressure from Washington for an outright ban.

Posted on 29 January 2020 | 9:05 am

Factbox: Huawei's involvement in telecoms networks around the world

European Union countries can either restrict or exclude high-risk 5G vendors from core parts of their telecoms networks, according to new EU guidelines announced on Wednesday, a move targeting China's Huawei Technologies but falling short of a U.S. call for a complete ban.

Posted on 29 January 2020 | 9:05 am

Huawei says it welcomes EU guidelines on 5G security

Chinese telecoms equipment maker Huawei [HWT.UL] on Wednesday welcomed the European Union's 5G guidelines that are likely to limit its business in Europe, but which fall short of a U.S. call for a total ban.

Posted on 29 January 2020 | 9:05 am

Factbox: Electric vehicle subsidies under pressure in some Tesla core markets

Tesla Inc's has steadily increased the sale of its electric vehicles, boosted by demand for its mass-produced Model 3 sedans as overseas sales pick up, and delivering more than 360,000 vehicles last year.

Posted on 29 January 2020 | 9:00 am

AT&T revenue falls short of estimates as satellite TV sheds subscribers

AT&T Inc missed fourth-quarter revenue estimates on Wednesday as another fall in subscriptions to satellite TV provider DirecTV overshadowed better-than-expected sign ups in monthly phone subscribers.

Posted on 29 January 2020 | 8:23 am

Airbnb backs creation of EU digital regulator after court win

Short-term home rental company Airbnb said on Wednesday it backed calls for a European Union digital regulator after winning a landmark EU case that meant it would be classified as an online platform rather than a property agent.

Posted on 29 January 2020 | 7:17 am

UK PM Johnson says Huawei decision helps Britain, does not hurt U.S. ties

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday he wanted to ensure people have access to the best technology but that a decision on allowing Huawei a limited role in Britain's 5G network would not harm cooperation with the United States.

Posted on 29 January 2020 | 7:15 am